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🌟🎤 Exciting Announcement! Lesa Hudson Takes the Spotlight as our BPR Artist of the Month🏖️🎶

Hey Beach Party Radio Fam! 🌊 We are thrilled to shine a dazzling spotlight on the incredible Lesa Hudson, our Artist of the Month! 🌟 With an impressive track record of 11 #1 beach and shag hits and 8 CBMA awards under her belt, Lesa is a true powerhouse in the beach music scene.

🏆 Her achievements include being named CBMA Female Vocalist of the Year in both 2018 and 2020, a testament to her outstanding talent and dedication. In 2020, Lesa's star soared even higher, winning CBMA Song of the Year and Songwriter awards for her #1 hit "A Little More Love," co-written with Rick Strickland.

🌎 This song, born from collaboration with Mike Taylor of The Holiday Band, captured hearts globally, resonating with listeners during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The uplifting message struck a chord, even catching the attention of Alicia Bridges (I Love The Nightlife), who showered Lesa with encouraging words on Facebook.

🎵 Currently, Lesa's latest release, "Count On Me," is rocking the Beach Party Radio Top 10 Chart for September 2023, claiming the #1 spot!

🔥 Lesa's live performances are nothing short of magical. Her energy, passion, and infectious enthusiasm light up the stage. As a vital part of The Rick Strickland Band, Lesa showcases her prowess as a vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter.

🤝 Lesa and Rick, a dynamic duo in songwriting and music production, are an unparalleled force in the industry. Lesa expresses, "There's a certain feeling that's hard to describe when someone tells you that your song encouraged them or inspired them. It's the greatest compliment in the world. For me, that's what creating music is all about - to encourage and inspire others."

🎤 Lesa's versatility shines through in her music—from country to blues, R&B soul to rock 'n' roll, praise & worship to edgy pop. Each song delivers timeless meaning with Lesa's trademark megawatt smile!

Let's join together to celebrate Lesa Hudson, a true beacon of inspiration and talent in the world of beach music! 🎉🌴🎶

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