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About Us

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Welcome to Beach Party Radio, your ultimate destination for the best in Carolina Beach Music and Classic Hits! 

At Beach Party Radio, we're not just another radio station; we're a passionate community of music lovers dedicated to preserving the soulful sounds of beach music and timeless classics. Our mission is simple: to transport you to those lazy days under the Carolina sun, where the music was smooth, the vibes were easy, and every tune felt like a soundtrack to your life.

With a carefully curated playlist spanning decades of hits, from the iconic sounds of The Drifters to the infectious rhythms of The Embers, we bring you the very essence of beach music culture. But we're not just about nostalgia; we're also your go-to destination for today's hottest hits that keep the spirit of beach music alive and thriving.

What sets Beach Party Radio apart is our commitment to authenticity and quality. Our team of dedicated DJs and music enthusiasts live and breathe the beach music lifestyle, ensuring that every song we play is a true gem worth savoring. Whether you're tuning in from the Carolinas or across the globe, you can trust Beach Party Radio to deliver the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.

So, whether you're reminiscing about summers past or creating new memories with friends and family, join us at Beach Party Radio and let the music take you on a journey to the sunny shores of Carolina Beach. Because with us, every day is a beach day, and the music never stops playing.

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